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Select the best answer SLC DBMS

a) A(n)               is an organized collection of related information.
i) Object                                    ii) database
ii) Property                                iv) document
Ans: database
b) Field size, format, input mask, caption and default values are:
i) Key elements                       ii) field properties
iii) Navigating modes              iv) data types
Ans: field properties
c) The storage size of date/time data type is
i) 4 bytes                               ii) 1 bytes
iii) 8 bytes                             iv) 16 bytes
Ans: 8 bytes
d) The ­­__________ key uniquely identifies each record
i) Primary                             ii) database
iii) Object                              iv) premier  
Ans: primary  
e)                    is a set of rules used by access to ensure that the relationships between tables are valid and that the related data is not accidentally changed or deleted.
i) Relationship                      ii) Referential integrity
iii)Query                              iv)Forms
Ans: Referential integrity
f)             is an access database object that presents information in a printed format.
i)Table                                ii)Query
iii) Form                               iv) Report 
Ans: Report