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Solution To The Problem

When trying to solve various problems in life, an approach I find very useful is to first identify what I’d consider the most direct solution, regardless of how I feel about actually implementing it. What’s the clearest, most direct path to my goal or the most efficient way to get around an obstacle?

Many problems will have multiple direct solutions, but often these solutions will be unsavory at first glance because they’ll require courage, self-discipline, creativity, or persistence to implement. But if we can somehow get ourselves to follow through, we know the solutions will actually work.

For example, suppose you want to lose weight. And suppose we can say that one (of many) direct solutions is to eat the same as you’re eating now, and boost your exercise output by 500 calories a day. If you implement this rather simplistic solution, you’ll lose weight. It may require discipline and persistence, but most people would agree that it will work if you follow through.

Another example: Suppose you’re interested in starting a relationship with someone, but you don’t know how that person feels about you. One direct solution would be to simply walk up, explain your thoughts and feelings, and ask if s/he is interested in discussing the possibility of a closer relationship. This will take less than a minute to say, and regardless of the outcome, at least you know where you stand. Of course this solution may require a lot of courage to overcome the possibility of rejection, but it’s very simple and straightforward.

See if you can identify the most direct solution to some of your problems. What’s the simplest and quickest way to reach your goals, assuming you had limitless courage and discipline?