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Protect Your Document - Microsoft Word 2003

To protect your MS-Word 2003 Document for being unauthorised access, you can protect it my using passwords.
You can set two types of password for a file:
  •  For reading contents in Read Only mode 
  • Or allow to modify
Follow the following steps:
  1. Open your Word file in which you want to set password...
  2. Open Tools Menu and select Options..... (Options Dialog Box appears)
  3. Select Security Tab
  4. Put Password in "Password to open" field. (This allows to open the file and modify as normal file do)
  5. Put Password in "Password to modify" field. (This password allows to modify the contents of the file or open in read only mode)
  6. Click on ok.
  7. Re-enter "Password to open" in Confirm Password box.
  8. Re-enter "Password to modify" again Confirm Password box.